Breathe In Mars

For those who were curious as to why I named this blog Breathe In Mars:

  1. Some of my friends call me Mar/Mars and I wanted to play on that (I love playing with my name)
  2. By “breathing” me in, you’re taking in my words to the fullest. You’re allowing my words to enter not only your mind but your body. You’re allowing my words to process then leave. I hope to leave some sort of imprint on you with my words. I want to evoke your emotions. I want you to feel something.
  3. I’m telling myself to breathe, to inhale and exhale my thoughts and feelings. I often forget to do this simple task. And I don’t mean your regular “I need to live so I’m going to breathe” type of breath. I’m talking about the inhalation and exhalation of energy. This is to help relax my mind, soothe the pain, and simmer my anger. I get so caught up that I sometimes forget to b r e a t h e .
  4. I like to stay lit with the shits and I hope to be writing from Mars

At the end of the day, I am still me and will censor my words as I please.


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