warm waters (12/15/2016)

You are the calm before the storm that never happened

I was always treading lightly in cold waters
My body became adept to the numbness
A feeling I adapted to
An almost forever after

A swimming chameleon treading harder
wavelengths rippling in different patterns
frame translucent transcending into fluidity
the waves drifting her away to where nothing mattered

As long as the water is warm, I’ll feel safe again.

Spinning cycles into the direction of wavelengths,
its patterns transformed into a full design
I finally learned to make use of my wasted time, and
created my beautiful dark twisted disaster

But after the storm is the inevitable calm
an ambience once perceived and lost
I flowed into unfamiliar territory
I accepted the challenge

I felt the Sun’s rays in the spaces I wanted to explore
I craved the adventure, hesitantly
Taking my first steps,
doubting whether or not I wanted more

I called to mind all of the times where I labeled this substantive
A “Once upon a time” ago
A pleasant fate I never attempted to believe in
I lived loving freely and dangerously
distributing elements I unconsciously held
until I became emptier than what I used to be

Then the water settled around me, pouring into the cracks of my skin
Filling in the voids I coldly ignored
Temperatures fluctuate: a slow rise, then fall back to the beginning
I am stuck in a different cycle
This sequence more than comforting
I sense more of myself than I had ever been

I felt a body of water
I felt a body
I felt a
gradual warmth of the current igniting a sensation through my veins
I was lost in the arteries as my blood turned iron into steel

The Moon protected my serenity though her waves crashed onto me
I was ready to drown but only if the waters allowed
Nonetheless, my soul is eternally afloat

Warm tides brushing my body, an attempted reminder of this being my reality
The absorption of warmth grew to be a radiating part of me
Something tangible I can never let go of, the waters waving inside of me
I can already hear the whispers of the shore, a steady welcoming

Remnants of the ability to swim flood my memory
Soon regaining the strength to move, once again I move reluctantly,
but surely, the waters will carry me to familiarity
A place that once felt like home




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