The things only you would understand

  • Good morning
  • Apples have become onions – I can’t stop crying when I slice them…
  • I feel like Pablo but who is Pablo without Tata?
  • I don’t know if I can continue watching Narcos…….
  • I walk on the inside of the sidewalk
  • I check my phone before walking into the subway station, ready to send that station text
  • I check my phone the second I ascend from the escalator, ready to send that station text
  • Who am I supposed to text saying I got home safely?
  • What about when I almost miss my bus stop?
  • Safe, civilized suburban streets
  • I want to get 6+ hours of sleep (7-8 is the goal)
  • Smoking isn’t the same no more
  • Smile
  • It’s hard to listen to vibes when you’re not around
  • Hands clasped, thumbs pressing
  • Dramatics
  • Party Animal
  • We Can
  • Pine & Ginger
  • It’s a not o
  • Brownin
  • Waste yute
  • I’m wearing earrings again
  • Who’s supposed to be my dance partner?
  • Who am I going to read my articles to before I send them to my editor?
  • I’m slowly retiring from concerts…
  • Who the fuck am I supposed to send all these memes to?!
  • Bitmoji lovers lol
  • I started praying again.. Not every day but often
  • I prayed for you
  • I’m considering going to church again
  • You were my first prayer in almost four years
  • I can never DNA you
  • I will never DNA you
  • I said it because I meant it, because I am grateful for all that you’ve done
  • I don’t know where you were years ago, but I was lost… You wouldn’t have wanted her
  • Nobody will deter my dreams
  • Writing is therapeutic but you’ve become my muse
  • “What’s wrong?” *confesses my stresses after the third ask* lol
  • I thank God
  • Sleep well
  • Good night

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