I’m above the surface

not worried of what is going around me
I focus solely on keeping

eyes closed, leaning back
I feel at one with my surroundings

a sense of tranquility
I don’t feel the waves crashing
I don’t feel the winds raging

I am one with nature at this point
in the centre of this body
lies the weight of breathing

inhaling slowly, carefully exhaling
I stay still in this body
of water

but the second I open my eyes
I hear the whistles
I hear the collisions

nature becomes one with me
my chest heavy
sinking me to the depths
of this body

I am drowning
from the inside out
I’m breathing in water

this body no longer feels familiar

I continue to sink in
feeling my environment
I thought water was supposed to be

eyes wide open
I am aware of my descent
and I cannot stop

the weight of my breathing
takes me further

and I close my eyes
to feel the water within me
my chest empties
and I breathe one last time

resting below the surface



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