in her shoes

I dare you to walk a day in my shoes


Walking in my shoes is an understatement as I
strut with seismic powers
I tremble the ground you stand on
I rattle your senses
I crumble your expectations of what a woman should look like
what a woman should be

The slightest of my footsteps exude grandeur
their soundwaves have the ability to reach the most open of fields
producing decibels that shatter your eardrums
I want you to hear me roar

I am constantly on the prowl
each move more calculated than my last
this climb as exhilarating as ever
I can the see light of my goals ready to highlight my existence
the feeling almost ethereal
the ecstacy of the rush uplifting me
I feel myself rising

At only 5 feet tall
I have experienced the forefront of cosmic heights
felt the depths of the soil
and although I know the infinite capacities of the galaxies
I still slip on my 6 inch heels to gaze at the stars

I am boundless to the world
the stars pixelating within the shimmer of my eyes
they foreshadow the vastness of my future
so I ride the waves of the universe
its lengths carrying me through life’s hills and valleys
these landscapes as intimate as the second time around
my first time coming was a mapless scavenger hunt

With the mastery of cartography within my grasp
I will no longer be lost
I have coloured in the places I have touched
and marked those I have yet to visit
my navigation skills at their peak
sun peeking over the horizon
illuminating the lands I will one day conquer

So don’t tell me I’m too small
because these size 5 heels are a big space to fill


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