She wanted the beginning
the start of it all,
to experience the growth of a seed

The transformation towards each stage,
metamorphosis of a new essence
she wanted to feel the bloom
she wanted to be a part of the process

Did you want a flower to grow,
when all you had was the soil for her to walk on


Yet she was still able to plant you a garden
bringing her own water
and sunshine

She sometimes wonders why
you never stopped her from planting her seeds
you stand there and watch her

Are your eyes capable of watching her water your garden?
your eyes dry yet open wide
as for hers, she cries
hoping for one miracle

Are you capable of watching her wait for the flowers to bloom?
her faith as blinding as the sun
the vision for a garden so big growing closer
and closer

Can you see the colours yet?
or are you still focused on the lack of petals
the lack of space filled

Because she can smell the stems
she can feel the roots

Did you want her to watch you grow?


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