the start of the words i’ll never say

I wish I was in love with you
that way I have a reason to be sad
a reason to cry over you

But I’m not
[if this isn’t love, then what is it]

yet I’m sitting on waterfalls
wondering how I got here
how I got this far up
when I knew the fall will be much harder
but this hurts more than I anticipated
water crashing all around me
I’m swimming in my own pool

Tales were meant to be tales
yet this one is coming true
the one disappearing act I thought nothing of
until days rendered deserted
I was slowly becoming the ones I claimed to not be
the ones you left in the dust with no regard
when I once was held to the highest degree
and now it’s


sending daily reminders
when I know you’re no longer there
when in fact I was reminding myself,
“Hope you’re good”
I hope I’m good, too

I’ve lost count of the days
perhaps it’s been weeks
I think months now,
and I still wonder
if I am going to get the same ending
the same ghost-like hello’s after having dissipated from my periphery

But this time I won’t know for how much longer